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Madurai Meets

Branding, Strategy, Naming, Wayfinding

Flexible identity system for a new multi-purpose events and conference complex in Madurai, India.

Welcome to the foremost multi-purpose venue of South-East India, bringing stimulating conventions, festivals, exhibitions, and more to the burgeoning city of Madurai. Madurai Meets’ ethos is centred around culture, community, and diversity. 


This is the first venue of its kind in Madurai, a point of immense pride for the city. Madurai is a noisy, bustling city filled with energy and culture, just as this new epicentre will be.


The brand identity reflects this with a commanding, bold logo and typographic system, representing a strong foundation and the building blocks of this new city epicentre. Shapes inspired by the city’s famous temples and the Indian tradition of henna offer windows into the events at this cultural hub. The black and white palette offers a blank canvas to promote a diverse roster of events, allowing them to take the primary focus with photographic pops of colour. 


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