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Patricia Nutrition

Branding, Web & Mobile Design

Branding and web design for Integrative Health Practitioner, Plant-Based Healthy Living Nutritionist and NASM Personal Trainer.

The brand identity for Patricia Nutrition kept returning to her core business ethos: Choose Well. Eat Well. Be Well. The brand strives to represent the idea of feeling your best through healthy lifestyle changes, and that this journey should be a source of joy, vitality, and strength.


The primary logo represents this through a typeface that is refreshing and contemporary, coupled with an empowering and dynamic energy from the use of uppercase. The primary brand mark represents the idea of holistic nutrition and wellness by visually creating balance, symmetry and harmony. The line weight subtly goes from thick-to-thin, signifying the journey of transformation clients of the personal health coach will strive for. The secondary brand mark is an initial mark that conveys a flowing and harmonious mindset and acts as a visual contrast to the logotype when used in tandem with each other. A circular shape is also used as a motif throughout the visual identity as a framing device; the contrast in line weights connects to the primary brand mark. 

The chosen colour palette balances organic, earthy colours with refreshing contrasts and shades found in both nature and fresh produce. The core green tones directly connect to nutrition and health, and the kiwi accent is used to infuse zest and joy.


Overall the Patricia Nutrition brand is refreshing, modern, warm and elegant.

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