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Pacific Grove


Brand identity for a premium avocado import business, evoking aspects of the California coastline with a refined and dreamy aura.

Pacific Grove is an early investment-stage avocado and produce import business, operating in Mexico and California. It has a unique, cultivated, and escapist feel, bringing a refreshing aesthetic to this space compared to existing brands in the sector. 


Creating a premium edge was paramount to the brand; it should look perfectly at home in high-end restaurants and hospitality locales. The dominant typeface exudes this through a fluid and graceful decorative style. Distinctive letterforms vary in thickness, lending a sense of dynamism and a more organic appearance. 


A logo suite was created to facilitate flexibility across a myriad of brand touchpoints. The primary logomark highlights an avocado branch above lines symbolising pastoral groves. The artwork and surrounding container uses a delicate line weight, aiding the elevated feel.

Photography showcasing the ocean, rural fields, and avocados are given a slightly rustic photo treatment to further the organic, warm, and sophisticated feeling. The colour palette continues this thread, using shades directly connecting to the atmosphere the brand operates in. 

A number of speculative pieces were created to aid the overall vision of the brand proposition. 

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