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Voting Power Hour

Branding, Art Direction, Content Creation

Logo, brand identity and art direction for a non-partisan voting initiative in the 2020 US Election, targeting Gen-Z college and university students.

Voting Power Hour was a grassroots campaign organised by Hollywood director Damien Chazelle (La La Land, First Man, Whiplash) and actress and producer Olivia Hamilton, in partnership with the All In Campus Democracy Challenge and Our week of Power Hours in October 2020 consisted of virtual events hosted by various celebrities and DJs, mobilising students to "text bank" their friends and family about their voter status and voting plan. This digital canvassing strategy is proven to increase voter turnout and encourage the youngest voting bloc to   make their voices heard.

I was tasked with creating a logo and visual identity for the organisation under an extremely tight timeframe. The result is straightforward and understandable, integrating symbols representative of voting with the “checkmark” V, and time, with the stopwatch motif. A sense of transformation, urgency, and empowerment is conveyed in the sheared rectangle behind “power.” Transparency is also demonstrated through the see-through type. 

The colour palette is a twist on traditional red, white, and blue, using a periwinkle shade and hot red-orange with an accent of neon purple to create vibrancy and appeal to a Gen-Z audience. A uniform visual language was furthered through consistent image treatments in these core colours, as well as graphic elements such as the voting clock and stopwatch. Repetitive type in our primary sans serif typeface was also used to underline the sense of urgency and to drive our core message of civic engagement and getting out the vote.

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